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Professional packing tips to prepare for your move

As you may already know, if you’ve taken a look around our website, we’re more than happy to provide the packing materials you need and help you pack up ourselves. And not to take any work away from our dedicated removal teams, but we thought you’d appreciate a little extra packing knowledge regardless!

Here are our top tips for a top pre-move packing session:

Make a packing plan

While you may naturally be thinking about “location, location, location” when you’re plotting your next move, we’d advise that you also apply a little thought to “prioritising, prioritising, prioritising”. And when you’re about to move – we appreciate that it’s easier said than done.

Looking around so much as the contents of one wardrobe, let alone an entire home, can quickly become overwhelming – so start with a clear-out. What do you certainly not need to take with you? What could you get rid of right now?

When you’ve purged your possessions, then prioritise everything else. Pair soft items with soft, and heavy or bulky items with others – as this will help you to decipher how many boxes you need to purchase, and the volume of packing materials required.

Make an early start

One thing our customers love about us is actually one of the things we advise most wholeheartedly – packing and moving takes much longer than you think, so make as early a start as possible. Don’t leave anything until the last minute, as you may find yourself rushing – and that’s when accidents happen.

Pack heavy items into smaller boxes wherever possible, as this makes moving them around far easier. Also pack one room at a time (later allowing you to move in one room at a time with ease), and do be precise in how you label your boxes – they all look the same when they’re closed!

See all this extra time you take as an investment in the rest of your day – moving is always much easier if the harder work is taken care of as early as possible. And finally, make sure that the most important things, such as paperwork, a change of clothes, and your toothbrush, are packed together, and packed last – so you can find them first!

With practice, you could become an expert mover yourself, but we highly recommend you let MVL take care of everything for you, more often than not. Call us now, request a quote, or send a message below – and we’ll be with you as soon as possible.