Office relocation advice: moving on up

Let’s face it, even the most minimalist, open-plan office in the whole of Silicon Valley would be a challenge to move. With networks of wires, and individual workstation setups aplenty in any office environment, the amount of planning that goes into each and every move is absolutely crucial. Here are some simple tips, from us to you, to take a little stress out of your next office move.

Get the right packing supplies

If office moves were as simple as boxing everything up and moving them on, we wouldn’t be writing this post! In the unlikely event you’ve kept every box and packing material that every item you own arrived with, you’ll need a host of robust boxes, bubble wrap, soft removal blankets, packing tape, clear zip-locked bags – and a whole lot of pens!

Label literally everything, either by department, person, or whatever criteria will make sense to you when you move in elsewhere. A number system can also be useful for prioritising items, so maybe assign the staff member with the best project management portfolio the task of sorting your essentials.

Be careful with computers and cables

To reduce the chance of damage to your electrical equipment, pack cables and computers separately (labelling everything, as above). Also be sure to check warning labels and instructions on the safe removal of equipment, as you could be at risk of invalidating the warranty on certain products, including large printers and computers.

Ensure that you know which cables will be needed for specific computers and workstations later, and always ensure that computers and monitors are secure in transit. Avoid placing them in boxes, where they will be susceptible to moving freely around, and apply protective blankets and bubble wrap wherever possible.

Be prepared for the worst scenario

Before you unplug any computer or laptop for the move, be sure to back up the data and information that makes your business tick. While cloud storage allows you consistent access to any files you hold online, everything else needs to be saved on an external device before you do anything else.

This way, in the unfortunate event that a computer is damaged during the removal, you won’t lose any essential data or files you need to carry on running your office later. And the reason we strongly advise this last point is because we can’t help you recover your data – for every other aspect of your removal, however, MVL have got you covered.

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